A Step-By-Step Guide On Retail Fulfillment Process

Retail fulfillment is a third-party mediator between a business and its customers – providing storage, warehousing and delivering facilities to retail businesses. A retail fulfillment facility delivers products to individual consumers and is categorized as an e-commerce platform.

It is a mediatory entity that a business opts for as secondary help for order processing. The business owner partners with an e-commerce platform to streamline their online delivery process.

It starts off when a customer places an online order. The order is processed at the retailer’s fulfillment center where it is stored, packed and shipped to the customer address.

This makes the supply chain more efficient for businesses of all sizes. It is a viable investment for businesses who do not have a separate warehouse, not wanting to invest in space and labor for an in-house fulfillment process or are looking to scale their business.

Partnering with a retail fulfillment center in Houston can be cost-effective in the long run. Apart from that, some benefits include a well-organized supply chain, efficient inventory management, reliable shipping and quick deliveries.

Process of Retail Fulfillment

  1. Receiving Inventory
    The first step to starting the retail fulfillment process is sending your inventory at their center in Houston. This process falls under responsibility of the independent business owner. The inventory is received, checked, processed, organized and documented in the fulfillment center’s system.
  2. Warehousing
    After the inventory passes through the fulfillment center check, it goes for storage at their warehouse. The price of storage depends on how much area your inventory covers.
  3. Order Processing
    When the online order is placed, it is filed in their roster for the warehousing facility to re-check whether it is available in the inventory.
  4. Packing
    Confirming the availability of products, they are picked by the fulfillment center from the inventory, packed and prepared for shipping.
  5. Shipping
    Retail fulfillment centers have shipping companies on board based in Houston TX. The order is packed and sent for delivery through a shipping carrier.
  6. Tracking and Delivery
    Once the order is sent out, a tracking ID is generated by the shipping on the customer’s email for an easy communication channel from business to consumer end. This also ensures that the shipment reaches in the promised time.
  7. Return Management
    Retail fulfillment centers in Houston look after returns management too. If the product is returned due to customer dissatisfaction, a product refund or cashback is arranged for a hassle-free brand experience.

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