Factors That Affect The Cost Of Fulfillment Center Services In Houston, TX

Ecommerce businesses that do not have a separate warehousing facility or are looking to outsource storage and warehousing facilities, a fulfillment center can extend the needed help. Fulfillment centers offer comprehensive services from the start of your logistical journey towards the end including picking, packing, shipping and delivery. However, it is important to recognize and calculate the cost element before hiring help. This may include answering a couple of questions concerning your business patterns, revenue and overhead costs. In this blog we will highlight some of the main factors that can affect the cost of fulfillment services in the long term.

Product Size And Weight

The size and weight of the product is a primary factor that can affect the cost of fulfillment services. Larger and heavier products can be priced higher due to more packaging and shipping costs as compared to smaller and lightweight products.

Order Volume and Storage Fee

Every fulfillment center has a price range per palette due on a monthly or weekly basis depending on their pricing policy. This charge can vary depending on the size and volume of your product and the amount of space they require in the entire warehousing facility.

Pick and Pack Fee

Fulfillment centers prepare your products as per the orders on your online store. They charge a fee relative to picking your orders, packing and labeling as per clients requirements.

Shipping Cost

The cost of shipping orders can also impact the overall cost of your fulfillment center service. They are dependent on the size, weight, distance and relative carrier fee.

Return Handling

Some fulfillment centers charge additional fees for processing returned orders and exchanges. This fee is subject to the number of returns and the complexity of exchange processes.

Average Cost Of Fulfillment Service in Houston, TX

Many businesses have now moved to partner with third party companies to fulfill their logistic requirements. However, there is not a standard and fixed price for each. Every fulfillment center has its own pricing structure so it is important to read through the terms thoroughly to avoid any miscalculated decisions in the future. An average cost of a fulfillment center can vary from per order, per week or per month cumulative of all services included.

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Understanding the different factors that affect the cost of fulfillment services in Houston, TX including storage, product weight, total order volume, packaging, shipping and returns management can help you make an informed decision before hiring help.

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